Home Sales in Raleigh and Home Improvement Ideas

This Month in Real Estate and Home Improvement Ideas

This Month in Real Estate September 2013 was just released today for the US and home sales in Raleigh definitely play a part in these monthly numbers.  Every month I patiently wait for this video to be released because it really does offer helpful information for brokers, their clients, and potential clients.

It’s a brief video, it’s only 1:34, so that makes it perfect for those of you short on time or at work.  I’ll callout some information you should be interested in.

*Home sales median home price have stayed steady at $214,000 and sales are up 13.7% from last year!  This continues to be good news for homes sales in Raleigh and the Triangle area!

Most common home updates sellers make when they are ready to list a home:

  • fresh paint
  • new flooring
  • updated light fixtures

It’s common knowledge that most often the homes in the best condition often fetch the highest sales price AND the most traffic for showings (a picture says a thousand words!).  That is why in Raleigh, it’s important for sellers to really evaluate their house and listen to their agent on best suited fixes that will help the home sell in the shortest amount of time!  If you decide to make updates, realize which updates are for you and your enjoyment and which updates are for future buyers because that helps you decide on the amount of money to invest.  Remember, the money that you put into your house might not be the same money that you get out of it during a sale.  For example, if you invest 30K on finishing out your attic in your home in Raleigh, you can’t necessarily add that to the value of the home and expect that back when it’s time to sell.

If you are not interested in putting money into the house since you are moving, there are a few things that could happen.  The number of showings your house receives could be lower or the sale price is not what you expect or would like.  Sellers need to remember that point and it’s important to realize which updates are for you to enjoy and those that are for the future buyers.  A great real estate agent can help advise you on what updates will be best for showings, home improvement, and an ideal sale price.

If you know of anyone in the Raleigh/Triangle area looking to buy or sell a home, I would be happy to help!     www.kellycherryhomes.com



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