Where’s Your Ideal Home?

It’s Sunday morning and a beautiful day here in Raleigh, NC at 72 degrees, no humidity, and a fantastic breeze.   I had to take a moment and ignore the “to-do” lists running through my mind for later today, the list of homes to show a buyer today, the pile of baby laundry I need to wash, the grocery list I need to get together, and just sit down and enjoy my coffee on my patio in my backyard.

This view is one of the reasons why I bought my home.

backyard view from home

Everyone has their criteria for what type of home they would like and the ideal location.  I had an ideal location to search and I have to say, mine was a pretty small radius.  Houses for sale in my ideal location were few and far between and unless I got lucky…I might have to sit it out and wait.  But I found it and I can go out my front door and then hit about 5,000 acres of trails for daily jogs in the state park.

What’s your search criteria?  Everyone has a different need and want while searching for a home.   Maybe you don’t mind the location or a lengthy drive to work however, you’re focused on keeping it at a certain price point.  Maybe you want a home no more than 15 minutes from your job to keep your commute to a minimum.  Maybe you want a community with lots of trees, large lot sizes, or a golf course community.  Maybe you want a neighborhood HOA or one without.  Privacy in your backyard might be important to avoid your neighbors knowing when you are sitting on your porch or BBQ’ing chicken.  It could be an endless number of reasons and you can have more than one requirement and the trick is to finding that ideal home.  A good agent knows what homes are out there and a great agent knows homes out there but also what might be up and coming on the market to help in your search.  To find the best suited home for you, make sure your agent asks you detailed questions which will help them narrow down communities and homes for you.  The questions might seem tedious at first but it will help the agent and the client from wasting time searching for homes that aren’t ideal.

If you know anyone moving to the Raleigh or Triangle area, I would be happy to help them take a peek around!  www.kellycherryhomes.com

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