Prepping Your House To Sell

Prepping a Home for SaleLast week I went to lunch with a great friend who is thinking about putting her home on the market in a few months, probably around November or December.  She had a few questions and mentally made a note on what she needs to do to prep the home to sell but these helpful tips would be great for anyone in the market to sell their house.

1.  Note that I used the term “house” and not “home”.  Go ahead and get that home term out of your mind.  It was your home but now you are trying to sell it and the faster you separate your memories, the faster you probably will get your house under contract.  A lot of homeowners let their emotions play into the sale of their house and sometimes that can delay your willingness to agree to an acceptable offer.

2.  First impressions are everything.  Curb appeal is important – get that mower out, prune overgrown bushes, and plant some flowers.  It makes the home more attractive when buyers see a nicely manicured lawn.

3. Put away personal pictures and remove all trinkets.  Pack them away securely in a nice box and please remember, you can take them out in your new house – you aren’t banning them forever (for those of you that collect little teacups, dolls, or dinosaur figurines..not making this up folks. Dinosaur figurines.)  It’s good to remove all your personal items (buyers walk through and try to envision their personal belongings) and de-clutter your house.

4. Are there repairs that have been anxiously waiting for you to complete?  Do them now as most often, a buyer will request it completed in the offer process once the home inspection takes place.  It is usually better to go ahead and fix than to increase the possibility of discouraging a buyer.

5. Give the interior a facelift.  If you can say to yourself that the rooms might need a fresh coat of paint then most likely, they do.  Go ahead and pick some neutral colors that could appeal to all and brighten up the room a little.

6. Clean, clean, clean..make sure the inside is tidy whenever you have a showing.  Don’t leave anything on counters, dust, wipe down counters and sweep, mop and vacuum.

7. Got animals?  Make sure the home doesn’t smell like them when people walk in.  If you need to use a scent in your home, use something fresh like vanilla, lemon, lavendar, or even a fresh baked cookie smell.  Just don’t go overboard 🙂

8.  Clean the exterior.  What does your deck look like?  Does it need a new fresh coat of stain?  Remove any cobwebs around the outside of the house.  Clean the windows and make them shine.

9.  If you are putting it on the market to sell in the dead of winter, take a few high resolution photos of the house and the yard in the summer.  These summer photos can help peak interest and make the home more attractive to buyers looking at homes in the MLS or skimming sites like Zillow, Trulia, or in the dead of winter.

If you know anyone moving to the Raleigh area, I would be happy to help them take a peek around!

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