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We work hard, play hard, clean the house, and have 100 other “get it done” tasks in our daily lives. Sometimes, it’s just nice to take a break from reality.  That is what Facebook is for my friends.  Admit it, you all look at a smart phone and skim around for a mindless 2 minute break (on average, right?).

As important as it is to be serious about real estate, where the market is at and how great it is going in our area, it’s also important to relax.  Each Friday, I’ll blog about something lighthearted, casual, funny, or whatever I’m in the mood for while drinking my coffee that morning.

This week, my inspiration came from CNN.com and some of the most “important” topics I saw this week on CNN.com.  I always find it interesting what CNN considers breaking news but they must need a break from reality just like the rest of us 🙂

 1. Slightly real estate related – Phil Mickelson listed his 4.55 acre ranch for $6.995 million.  Located in Rancho Sante Fe, CA, this 9500 sq. foot gem is basically out of the majority of homeowner budgets…very nice to look at. 🙂

2. LeBron sports a new haircut, well actually no hair at all.  Maybe you sports nuts are interested that his hair went from ¼ inch in length to him using a razor to shave his head but either way, CNN put it on their home page.

3. Studies show that users who use Google search engine are smart and rich. Does it increase your odds the more times you actively go to the Google.com?  🙂 Who comes up with these studies?  Google owns 67% U.S. market share so that should mean that more than half of us are smart and rich.

4.Now this is cute….and odd at the same time.  Someone in Kansas is building small Gnome homes in the trees in a local city park.   Each home has a nice front door, miniature dinner table and a nice pebble path up to their front door.

 top cnn stories

5.The new iPhone is said to be unveil September 10.  This information is actually important because I know how much our phones mean to us.  With a new mobile OS, fingerprint scanner for security, and new color palette (think gold), this will definitely bring on the lines outside the Apple store yet again.

gold iphone


And there you have it folks…your  serious 2 minute hot topics recap.

Have a great weekend!

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