Renovation in Downtown Apex

I don’t know about you, but I love a good fixer-upper home.  I’m not saying I would take on this challenge to renovate unless I had infinite hours of spare time, unlimited amounts of resources and money where I could put any feature I want in the house, and a General Contractor connected to my hip managing the trades needed.  I’ve always been drawn to the Inner Beltline area in Raleigh and the charm and elegance those bungalow homes have.  There is an aura to that area and don’t get me wrong, I love my current home and the area but if I could have a second home, I’d buy up a bungalow in a minute, gut it and renovate.

So, last weekend my friend and I went to check out a foreclosure in the historical district of downtown Apex.  Such a charming Apex area and the picture of the home we were to view was adorable.  You could see the potential of this Apex home, painted nice and white with rocking chairs on the front porch, a new red front door and new aluminum roof.  Of course, lots of work to get the inside done but my friend could visualize everything she would fix when knocking out walls, the roof, refinishing the old wood plank floor and updating the kitchen.  She’s an architect by trade so just by eyeballing something, she has a a true skill in finding its full potential.  I always say she is My Dreamer.   She just has this ability not many people I know have in sketching, creating, building…..I mean, even her Halloween costumes are amazing!

downtown apexWe pull up to the house and folks,  Honestly, this picture must have been taken 15 years ago in Apex when bushes were not overgrown and there was not piles of junk on the front porch.  As a Realtor, you never know what you will run into when looking at a house, even a new house.   We slowly creaked the door open, her tape measure and notepad and is ready to get to work.  Two feet in, I stop in my tracks and said out loud that I wasn’t going any further (I should have realized this when my husband stated while in the car that he wasn’t even going in). Besides having the skill to see the potential a home could have, my friend is not scared of anything and doesn’t hold back.  Me – yes, I get creeped out by the occasional scary movie but in this house, I was honestly worried something was going to jump out and bite me from behind one of the piles in the house.  Her daughters weren’t scared either..they looked at the piles of trash and trinkets in the house as treasures and didn’t understand how someone could abandon their possessions.  The ceiling was about to cave in, a mosquito infestation, holes in the walls, old cat food on the floor, and dirt everywhere where just a FEW of the surprises.

This place was bad, real bad.  You feel sorry for the neighbors in the area and hope that in such a cute Apex community, someone will come in and rebuild.  It wasn’t a few renovations here and there as the only thing salvageable was probably the original hardwoods installed when the house was built in 1915.  So, as this wasn’t the perfect home for us, the there are so many real estate options in Raleigh and Apex so the hunt for the perfect fixer-upper continues!

If you know of anyone interested in buying, selling, or investing in real estate, please let me know as I would be happy to help!  Thanks for visiting!

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