Research Your Triangle Area Home Before You Purchase….Not After

While searching for a Triangle area home, it’s important to take a moment to research prospective neighborhoods where you are interested in purchasing a home.  This is one of the largest investments homeowners will make so it’s really important to do your due diligence and take care of some research!  A great real estate agent will help you with a neighborhood analysis to help clients understand current listings, recent sales, local restaurants, businesses and more for that area.

There are several items that homeowners need to research as well.   Don’t you agree it’s best to research homes before a purchase and then come to realize there isn’t a convenient gas station nearby?  That makes it tough for those early mornings before work where the gas tank is so low have your fingers crossed to just make it to the gas station.   🙂

Here is a list of items to keep in mind when you have narrowed your choice to one Triangle area home or neighborhood.  Some of these might not come to mind during the buying process but later on down the line you might have wished you had.

1. Drive through the neighborhood during different times of the day.  8:30 am, 12pm, 6pm to get a feel for the street/neighborhood.

2. What is the traffic like?  Is it noisy?  Do cars maintain the speed limit?

3. Is the commute to work and school pretty simple?  Will you be driving with traffic or against it?

4. Drive around the neighborhood and observe homes.  Are their lawns cared for?  Are their homes well maintained, painted, and normal upkeep taking place?

5. If you require childcare services, is there a facility you like nearby that could be on your way to work?

6. Does your street dead end? If so, is the house you are looking at the one whose driveway everyone turns around in?

7. Is there a nearby grocery store, gas station or Target?  (There are always things you need at the last minute or you have forgotten!)

8. Talk to any neighbors – make friends and ask for their impression of the Triangle area home.  They will tell you if there are barking dogs, train whistles, or lots of air traffic.

9. Are there sidewalks?  Would you want those for your child to ride his/her bike on?

10. Is there close proximity construction or rezoning that would affect the home?

There is never the 100% perfect home.  But with a little background work, you can ensure that you are confident in your purchase and getting the dream home (and neighborhood) you are searching for!

Get a free market report for an area!   If you know anyone looking to buy or sell a Triangle area home, I would be happy to help!

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